A Цээжний өргөн
B Бэлхүүсний өргөн
C Эх биений доод өргөн
D Гарын урт
E Булчингийн урт
F Эдлэлийн урт
G Буглагны тойрог
H Захны углаацны урт
I Захны углаацны өргөн
L Мөрний өргөн

Дээрхи хэмжээнүүдийг өөрийн биен дээр чөлөөт хэмжээ нэмэлгүйгээр биеийн жинхэнэ хэмжээг тавьж өгнө.
Хэмжих нэгж - см /санти метр/

One of the main representative of the wool and cashmere industry of Mongolia, the “Saran Ekh” national manufacturer produces luxurious products made of high quality cashmere, camel and yak wool and supplies to both foreign and domestic markets. Cashmere garments which are in a great demand on the world’s market occupy a major position in the Mongolia’s export following gold, copper and coat. Our company produces natural garments without chemical dyes to all our esteemed consumers who are aware of healthy qualities of eco products.

The increase in demands for pure products made of natural raw materials on the world’s market creates favorable conditions for the intensive developments of the cashmere industry of Mongolia having there by a positive effect not only on the economy of the country, but also on the well being of herders.


To make a tangible contribution to the socio-economic development of our country is the utmost objective of the “Saran Ekh" company.

We sincerely hope our esteemed customers to support national production and embellish themselves and their beloved ones with product that is regarded as one of the world’s rare and precious eco-product that brings warmth and comfort.

Director Sh.Bayarmaa