A Цээжний өргөн
B Бэлхүүсний өргөн
C Эх биений доод өргөн
D Гарын урт
E Булчингийн урт
F Эдлэлийн урт
G Буглагны тойрог
H Захны углаацны урт
I Захны углаацны өргөн
L Мөрний өргөн

Дээрхи хэмжээнүүдийг өөрийн биен дээр чөлөөт хэмжээ нэмэлгүйгээр биеийн жинхэнэ хэмжээг тавьж өгнө.
Хэмжих нэгж - см /санти метр/

The “Saran Ekh” LLC was founded by Shar-Uvgun Bayarmaa in Ulaanbaatar city on September 29, 2004. The company serves to produce 100% pure cashmere garments and to supply its products of highest quality to both domestic and foreign markets.

Mongolian goats best adapted to harsh winter of Mongolia give the longest and the finest shining cashmere and for this quality the articles made of natural cashmere fabric are warm and soft enjoying a great demand among consumers all over the world. To vary the consumer’s choice and make contribution to the economic and industrial sector of Mongolia, the “Saran Ekh” has introduced its luxury cashmere products soft in touch and light in weight under the newbrand name “Saran”.

Our company offer consumers of all ages a broad spectrum of clothing featuring distinctive design and model ranging from coats, sweaters and cardigans to shawls, hats and gloves for women and men. Special collections are also dedicated to our small consumers.

The quality of the “Saran Ekh” products is guaranteed by cashmere fibers made by top cashmere manufacturers of Mongolia. Our factory consists of four sections which are knitting, weaving, finishing and quality inspection. These and the design section and the department of finance and marketing compose our big family. The design section is proud of using state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and software of Japanese  “Shima Seiki” brand.

The “Saran” brand products are available at four its outlets located in downtown areas of Ulaanbaatar city which are

Our factory consists of four sections.

  1. The Company’s main outlet (Sukhbaatar district, Microdistrict – 5, Zogiin Uur – 47 building, 1st floor)
  2. State Department store -2nd floor  
  3. Grand Plaza -3rd floor
  4. Duty free shop at the Chinggis Khaan international airport

The “Saran Ekh” LLC sets an ambitious goal to produce high quality products on the latest fashion trends. Our consumers define who we are and what we produce.

Tailor made services and cashmere clothes cleaning services are offered at the main outlet of the company.

The “Saran Ekh” company has successfully participated in several international trade fairs hosted both in home country and beyond. Thus, the “Saran Ekh” was awarded the “Brand Fashion” certificate at Ulaanbaatar cashmere and wool products trade fair of 2007, the “Cashmere Brand” award at the Northeast Asian trade fair of light industries hosted in Niigata, Japan in 2008, the Best Designer of 2009 at an activity organized by the Mongolian national Chamber of Commerce and Industry in association with the Woold and Cashmere Association and Swiss “Green Gold” program as well as was recognized as the organization promoting social development in 2007 and 2008. 

The “Saran Ekh” recruits every year young employees and updates factory’s equipment and facilities.

Besides cashmere garments, the company has expanded its production with camel and yak wool articles which enjoy a great demand on the domestic market.

Our mission is to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee with our top quality cashmere product under the brand name “Saran”