A Цээжний өргөн
B Бэлхүүсний өргөн
C Эх биений доод өргөн
D Гарын урт
E Булчингийн урт
F Эдлэлийн урт
G Буглагны тойрог
H Захны углаацны урт
I Захны углаацны өргөн
L Мөрний өргөн

Дээрхи хэмжээнүүдийг өөрийн биен дээр чөлөөт хэмжээ нэмэлгүйгээр биеийн жинхэнэ хэмжээг тавьж өгнө.
Хэмжих нэгж - см /санти метр/


  Established 10 years ago, the small-scale factory has been developed into one of leading   national producers of Mongolia as a result of tremendous endeavors and minds of our staff. In the last decade period, the factory underwent technical and technological modernization. Great strides were made in improving employees’ skill and qualification, financial management and marketing activities. This is a benefit obtained from productive cooperation with and assistance provided by our foreign partners.

Products with “Saran” brand name demonstrates the mastership of the company’s young skillful employees who put their hearts and soul into every product.

The quality of any product depends directly on the factory’s equipment and technologies and highly responsible and skillful employees.

Our company is proud of using state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and software of Japanese “Shima Seiki" brand if; our production which allowed to increase the production output and improved much the qualification and capacity of designers. To replace manual weaving machine with slate-of-the-art one and at the same time to preserve and increase the workplaces are the policy we pursue.


The “Saran Ekh” company offers its consumers its cashmere garments of unique and distinctive style and model which are made of cashmere fiber of the ‘‘Gobi’’ and “Goyo” companies leading in the cashmere production industry.

Our factory consists of four sections.

1.       Knitting

2.       Weaving

3.       Finishing

4.       Quality inspection. Each section has its specific operation regime, rules and regulations.

The “Saran Ekh” LLC sets an ambitious goal to produce high quality products on the latest fashion trends. Our consumers define who we are and what we produce.

Director Sh.Bayarmaa