A Цээжний өргөн
B Бэлхүүсний өргөн
C Эх биений доод өргөн
D Гарын урт
E Булчингийн урт
F Эдлэлийн урт
G Буглагны тойрог
H Захны углаацны урт
I Захны углаацны өргөн
L Мөрний өргөн

Дээрхи хэмжээнүүдийг өөрийн биен дээр чөлөөт хэмжээ нэмэлгүйгээр биеийн жинхэнэ хэмжээг тавьж өгнө.
Хэмжих нэгж - см /санти метр/

Instruction to wash and clean cashmere products in household case

  • Hand-wash in 18-30c warm water.

In case you have to wash the product in washing machine, you have to wash it in specifically adjusted function for cashmere for 3-5 minute.

  • It is preferable to use liquid soap when washing specialized dedicatory wool and wool products
  • You can’t use bleacher or chemicals.
  • You can’t shake it with hands and washer’s spinning cycle for too long. Also, don’t dry it with dryers too long.
  • But you can wring it softly with your hands and use washer’s spinning cycle and dryer exceeding 1 minute.
  • After washing the product, dry it by shaking without damaging the shape and size of the product.
  • After it’s dried, you must press the product with steam iron by holding its shape and size.

By doing so, your cashmere’s color and fiber will appear as if it’s new.