A Цээжний өргөн
B Бэлхүүсний өргөн
C Эх биений доод өргөн
D Гарын урт
E Булчингийн урт
F Эдлэлийн урт
G Буглагны тойрог
H Захны углаацны урт
I Захны углаацны өргөн
L Мөрний өргөн

Дээрхи хэмжээнүүдийг өөрийн биен дээр чөлөөт хэмжээ нэмэлгүйгээр биеийн жинхэнэ хэмжээг тавьж өгнө.
Хэмжих нэгж - см /санти метр/

Located in the heart of Central Asia. Mongolia is a home to nomads who have conserved the surrounding nature and environment thanks to their nomadic lifestyle and custom. Winter in Mongolia is extreme cold and dry. Mongolian goat gives the rarest and the finest quality cashmere down for being incredibly well adapted to the harsh continental climate. The goat cashmere down covered with long and stiff guard hair is airtight and for this keeps warm in a freezing weather. The Mongolian cashmere is one of a few products with competitiveness on international market. Mongolian goat produces on average 250-280 grams of down at 14-16 µm diameter and 4-5 cm length. The Mongolian goat undercoat is curly and long which allows obtaining good quality yarn. Mongolia produces 30 percent of world’s supply of cashmere which is about 14 thousand tons a year. The total number of goats in the world exceeds 30 million. Natural cashmere fiber is defined as the luxurious. The latest fashion trends dictate even more the cashmere garments of undyed or natural colors which enjoy a grey, popularity among fashion hunters. Mongolian cashmere is of four main natural colors which are white, cream, grey and brown. Each color has its specific feature and quality. Cashmere fibers of light colors are used for over 60 percent in cashmere fabrics for its good dying quality. Our company offers dear costumers a wide variety of cashmere garments of all colors.